How a woman acts after an infidelity

An infidelity can be a deal breaker even in the most solid relationships, here we will see how a woman acts after an infidelity. If you are the partner who has been cheated on, you may be wondering if you should stay with your partner. The answer is not obvious, and your choice may depend…

Ending the engagement after infidelity

What to do when you are betrayedEnding the engagement after an infidelity is not easy, betrayal is one of the most painful experiences that can be lived in a relationship. To have someone you love and trust betray your love and trust by being unfaithful is devastating. When someone you love hurts you so deeply,…

The polygraph in the Spanish judicial field

For a long time, there has been a lot of controversy regarding whether or not the use of the polygraph is legal. In most of the world, the use of this test has no real validity. This includes Spain, since, in criminal terms, this evidence is not admitted by any court, which is why the…

The polygraph in the selection of personnel

The polygraph is a device that has the ability to detect whether an individual is lying or not. This type of evidence does not have legal validity in a trial, but the business sector has been able to find a use, this article The polygraph in personnel selection tells us about these issues. Today, there…

Can you fool a polygraph?

Ever since polygraphs became popular, some people have taken it upon themselves to try to fool them. Despite the fact that throughout history there have been people who claim that a polygraph can be fooled, the truth is that this has not been proven and doing so today is practically impossible. Polygraphs have evolved over…

Galvanic skin response

The galvanic skin response or GSR allows us to understand and measure the physiological properties of the skin. The skin is a very large organ and one that can have a lot of properties. That is why this is one of the best options to better understand your status.

How to know if your partner is unfaithful

Nowadays, infidelities are the order of the day. Even though you think your relationship is going well and that person loves you, you never know if they will be able to cheat on you or not.

What is the truth

What is the truth, the truth is a very complex term that not all people are able to understand.

Can the polygraph be fooled?

Since the polygraph was invented and began to be used to detect lies in police procedures, if you have asked yourself, Can the polygraph be fooled? People have been interested in learning how to fool it.

How does the polygraph work?

How does the polygraph work? Surely you have seen on more than one occasion in movies the famous lie detectors or polygraphs