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The polygraph is a widely contrasted, reliable and objective test, commonly used in countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom and Germany, among others, among which its use is spreading and consolidating. Since Polígrafo Málaga, as in other fields, such as breathalyzer tests, radars, sports technology, etc… there is an increasing tendency to bet on the support of objective machines, which, under expert supervision, can better specify, in this whether an individual is lying or not. The status of our city, Malaga, obliges both public administrations, private companies and citizens to require technical and precise systems that help and supervise important and decisive decision-making.

polygraph meaning

High-precision instrument for measuring and recording the fluctuation of the main physiological signals that can be altered by questions that the subject would like to avoid.

reliability polygraph

It enjoys 99% high precision in measuring and recording physiological signals, which together with expertise and professional experience, make it the most reliable test on the market.

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In the polygraph test we seek the truth and to achieve it it is necessary to follow a few steps, each and every one more or just as important as the previous one.

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How much it is worth to know the answer to a key question or to a doubt that corrodes us, staying like this is not living in peace and getting out of doubt is priceless. The truth can always change the path to take in the future.

The price of the polygraph test has several factors, the three main ones would be to define what you want to achieve with the test itself. The polygraph will give you the truth.

the polygraph

The truth can give you the polygraph

The Malaga polygraph

If you want to know the absolute truth this is your chance

Centros deportivos

Centros de alto rendimiento deportivo emplean el polígrafo, como medio de feedback, para que el individuo pueda controlar sus emociones y reacciones.

En empresas

Tanto privadas, como públicas emplean esta técnica como detector de mentiras, interpretando estas fluctuaciones de respuesta ante determinadas preguntas.

En el ámbito judicial

Se emplea como técnica de veracidad del testimonio, sobre todo en casos en los que no hay testigos, y se cuenta únicamente con dicha declaración. Por ejemplo en casos de violencia de género, cuando únicamente estaban en una habitación el supuesto agresor y la supuesta víctima.

En el ámbito privado

Son muy diversas las causas, siendo la principal la infidelidad de pareja, saber si seguir apostando por una relación cuando se tiene duda de algo. Pero se emplea por para controlar a jóvenes que tienen determinadas adicciones, robos familiares, etc...


We adapt to your needs whenever we can.

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What is the value of truth?

As reflected in the Gospel, Jesus told the Jews “… you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8: 31,32). The truth is priceless, since it allows you to be free to make the decisions that interest you. The trust of a partner, a worker, which can sometimes be compromised, can now be easily elucidated through the polygraph test.

  • In the consultation in our facilities you will feel very comfortable.
  • With displacement if the truth does not come to us.
  • Group rate in case it is more than one person.

The polygraph is the solution to your doubts.

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The proof

Our working method



Brief review of the problem in order to be able to cover as many needs as you have to resolve your doubts.


The interview

The analysis of the issue is deepened, seeking the elaboration of the most precise and appropriate questions.


The proof

After placing the electrodes and sensors, the agreed chain of questions is asked, on at least three occasions.


The report

Once the test has been completed and the results have been extracted, these may be offered orally, through an interview, or through a written report.

Malaga Polygraph

Do you want to know more about this polygraph technology?

In our desire to expand the act of polygraphy, at reasonable costs, we have promoted a stage aimed at showing courses in the e-Learning modality, to substitute students from anywhere in the world. From the main day of class, our substitutes have the help of teacher mentors in each subject, who ensure the objective of your questions in less than 24 hours. Polygraph is the best option.

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the polygraph

The truth will set you free

Regain your health, that uncertainty and doubts have stolen from you, because the truth will set you free. Call now and find out without obligation.

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