What is Mindland?

Entity committed to physical and psychological health since 1999.
For this, psychological therapy centered on the person is being carried out, both individually and in groups, couples, family, at all ages: children, adolescents and adults. Carrying out mediation work when the situation requires it.

In the same way, social and community awareness, intervention, etc. programs are developed and implemented.


The Mindland Mission

At MindLand we are convinced that when the mind is silent, the body speaks, which is why many of the poorly channeled problems turn into physical ailments, especially at the muscular and organic level. So it works from the body, with chiromassage and the mind through psychological therapy.

Given the direct link between the staff and the teaching and legal field, the company has become involved with the polygraph test, in order to give truth to a testimony, or to resolve situations of mistrust at work, family, partner, etc.


Who we are, the staff

Doctors in psychology, psychologists, educational psychologists, masters in criminology, legal psychology and psychophysiology, among others. Extensive university teaching and research experience, with various publications of books and scientific journals of first impact.

External collaborators, IT

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