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The polygraph is a widely contrasted, reliable and objective test, commonly used in countries such as the USA, UK and Germany, among others, among which its use is spreading and consolidating. As in other fields, such as breathalyser tests, radars, sports technology, etc., there is an increasing tendency to opt for the support of objective machines which, under expert supervision, can better determine, in this case, whether an individual is lying or not. The status of our city, Malaga, obliges both public administrations, private companies and citizens to require technical and precise systems that help and supervise important and decisive decisions.

Polygraph meaning

Highly accurate instrument for measuring and recording the fluctuation of the main physiological signals that may be altered by questions that the subject would like to avoid.

Polygraph reliability

It enjoys high accuracy 99%, in measurement and recording of physiological signals, which together with professional expertise and experience, make it the most reliable test on the market.

Polygraph tests

At the polygraph test We seek the truth and in order to achieve it, it is necessary to follow a series of steps, each one more or equally important than the previous one.

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Polygraph test price
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How much is it worth to know the answer to a key question or to a gnawing doubt, to stay that way is not to live in peace and to get out of doubt is priceless. The truth can always change the path to take in the future.

The price of the polygraph test has several factors, the three main ones being to define what you want to achieve with the test itself. The polygraph will give you the truth.

The Polygraph

The truth can be given to you by the polygraph

The polygraph Malaga

If you want to know the absolute truth, this is your chance.

Sports centres

High-performance sports centres use the polygraph as a means of feedback, so that the individual can control his or her emotions and reactions.

In companies

Both private and public companies use this technique as a lie detector, interpreting these fluctuations in response to certain questions.

In the judicial field

It is used as a technique to ensure the veracity of the testimony, especially in cases where there are no witnesses and only this statement is available. For example, in cases of domestic violence, when only the alleged aggressor and the alleged victim were in the same room.

In the private sphere

The causes are very diverse, the main one being the infidelity of a partner, knowing whether to continue betting on a relationship when you have doubts about something. But it is also used to control young people who have certain addictions, family robberies, etc...


We adapt to your needs as long as we are able to do so.

Polygraph test price

What is the value of truth?

As the Gospel reflects, Jesus told the Jews "... you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8: 31,32). Truth is priceless, as it allows you to be free to make the decisions that are in your own interest. The trust of a partner, a worker, which can sometimes be compromised, can now be easily elucidated by means of a polygraph test.

  • In the consultation you will feel very comfortable in our facilities.
  • With displacement if the truth does not come to us.
  • Group rate in the case of more than one person.

The polygraph is the solution to your doubts.

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The Test

Our working method



Brief outline of the problem in order to be able to cover as many of your needs as possible to resolve your doubts.


The interview

The analysis of the issue is deepened, seeking the elaboration of the most precise and appropriate questions.


The test

After attaching the electrodes and sensors, the agreed chain of questions is asked on at least three occasions.


The report

Once the test has been completed and the results have been extracted, they may be given orally, by interview, or in a written report.

Polygraph Malaga

Want to know more about this polygraph technology?

In our eagerness to expand the act of polygraphy, at reasonable costs, we have propelled a stage intended to showcase courses in the e-Learning modality, to understudies from any part of the world. From the main day of class, our understudies are helped by master mentors in each subject, who ensure the objective of their questions in less than 24 hours. Polygraph is the best option.

Andreas Gruber
Andreas Gruber
Perfekte Betreuung, sehr professionelles Unternehmen!
moorings bcn
moorings bcn
Thank you, it was an impressive experience and very, very revealing, the truth was revealed in the end.
María José Sánchez
María José Sánchez
Impeccable service. A great professional. Highly recommended
María Jose Cordoba Pineda
María Jose Cordoba Pineda
I felt very comfortable, everything was very well explained and the results were as expected. Excellent professional. I recommend him.
Patricio Jaime
Patricio Jaime
Great professional, great father and a great person. Very happy with the result and the recommendations. I will not hesitate to recommend him and hopefully I won't need to come back and if I come back it will be for other services. Thank you Fernando.
RM.Fairs.Rincon Luque
RM.Fairs.Rincon Luque
Thank you very much for the experience. I have discovered the truth and can finally sleep peacefully.
OTM. fairs
OTM. fairs
The service is excellent. It is carried out by professionals. The results are fully guaranteed. The price is reasonable. They helped me a lot. I recommend it.

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The Polygraph

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